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Regrettably, we are completely out of dried wood. A bridge collapse with resultant diversion and struggling to get time on the drying floor has not helped with our supplies of dried wood. We should hopefully have some more dried in the new year. Accordingly, if you wish us to email to let you know, then could please fill in your details below.

On placing your order we shall contact you to confirm the date and approximate time for delivery. If there are any access issues then please let us know.

Collection of firewood is also available on a mutually convenient date and time.

Customer’s will be aware that the price of everything has gone through the roof this year. Consequently, our costs have also gone up (saw chains, petrol, diesel, electricity, metal, spare parts, log bags, insurances, etc) meaning that very reluctantly, we have required to increase our prices. Nevertheless, our prices still remain lower than many of our competitors.

Why not add some kindling to your order?

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